The Government has improved the process of applying to the Personnel Reserve for work in the de-occupied territories

Опубліковано 2 October 2023 року, о 13:38

Joining the civil service reserve in de-occupied territories is now simpler. On September 29th, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to make the process easier.

Those who want to join the personnel reserve no longer have to complete a motivation questionnaire and general knowledge test. This is because it makes the application process take longer.  

It’s unnecessary to include details about one’s top skills, characteristics, or hobbies.

Additionally, the survey will include extra columns with detailed information about the applicant. This is necessary to generate statistical data.

The form can only be filled out in Ukrainian. The person who provided the information is responsible for its accuracy.

The platform has been running in Ukraine for about three months. In that time, the system has recorded roughly 2,000 submissions from individuals who wish to assist in Ukraine’s reconstruction.

From now on, the High School of Public Administration will help coordinate the project along with the Ministry of Reintegration and the National Agency for Civil Service. This organization, along with the National Civil Service Agency, gathers and assesses questionnaires from applicants who meet the requirements for available positions within relevant agencies.