What to do in case of a child’s missing in the temporarily occupied territory?

Опубліковано 2 October 2023 року, о 10:19

The fact of a child’s disappearance must be reported immediately to the National Police of Ukraine by any means available to the applicant, the Ministry of Internal Affairs explains.


When applying, the applicant should provide all relevant information that might aid in the search, such as:


– Information about the child: complete name, birthdate, current age, their disappearance (location and circumstances), and information about their circle of friends and acquaintances (including social networks).

– Appearance: height, body type (weight), hair and eye color, attire.

– Please provide a photo and other identifying information about the child.

After giving all the required details, the applicant should stay in touch with the police and follow the instructions of the investigators and juvenile police officers.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs advises people not to publish a lot of information on the Internet. This can endanger a child who is wanted in temporarily occupied territories.