How to register at the employment center

Опубліковано 5 October 2023 року, о 10:26

Unemployed Ukrainians can seek assistance at a job center, where trained professionals will aid them in securing employment.

 There are two ways to sign up at the job center:

 – in person, during a visit to the center;

– through the state website for electronic service Diia.

In the case of an individual visiting in person, the citizen must organize the package of documents listed below:

You need either a passport (e-passport) or a different document (e-document for the period of martial law) that proves your Ukrainian citizenship. If you’re a foreigner, you need a residence permit.

You need a paper or electronic certificate that shows your registration number for taxes if you did not refuse to receive it and have a mark on your passport.

Document on education (if any).

A paper or data from the electronic employment book confirming the termination of the last type of employment.

Military registration papers for those who may be drafted into the military.

To sign up on the Diia website, simply follow these steps:  

– Log in to the website

– Choose the “Obtaining Unemployment Status” section.

– Fill out the form and attach electronic copies of your documents.

– Sign the application using an electronic signature.

– Wait for a notification from the employment center.

For further details on the registration process, please access the State Employment Service website via the provided link.