The State Service for Children was established in Ukraine

Опубліковано 5 October 2023 року, о 10:22

The Cabinet of Ministers has passed a resolution to create the State Service for Children in Ukraine. The Government Portal reports.

This central organization is in charge of executing government policies that safeguard children’s rights and provide support for families with children. Additionally, it supports the development of family-based approaches to raising children and the process of adopting children.

Among the essential tasks of the service:

– Coordinating the offering of social assistance and services to families with children, such as those under guardianship or custody, foster families, families of foster caregivers, family-style orphanages, and adoptive parents.

– Ensuring local government bodies, businesses, establishments, and individuals follow laws for safeguarding children’s rights.

– Interacting with Ukrainian embassies overseas to protect children’s rights and their safe return home.

Specialists from over 1,400 local communities in Ukraine can get practical help in creating a productive program to safeguard children in their area.