Where IDPs should go to find a job

Опубліковано 5 October 2023 року, о 10:21

For displaced individuals, finding employment is crucial to their successful integration into new communities. If you’re an IDP looking to find a job quickly in a new area, we have some suggestions for you below.

 The State Employment Center’s sole job website provides over 200,000 existing job openings nationwide. The jobs are here.

IDP Councils and Coordination Centers provide civilian support in the regions to help IDPs integrate into new communities.

Local employment centers. They offer advice on jobs, training, and retraining, and they support you through the entire job search process.

Information on how to register for an IDP at the State Employment Center offices and the necessary documents are available on this website.

Non-profit job search groups have their exclusive job listings.

The government’s program eRobota. IDPs can get grants through the “Own Business” or “Grants for Starting or Developing Your Own Business” programs. Learn more about the program terms here.