The government is creating a Reform Plan for 2027 that is unified

Опубліковано 6 October 2023 року, о 15:01

At a Cabinet meeting, officials announced the beginning of work on a unified reform plan that will extend until 2027.  The plan will include everything that impacts government institutions, the economy, and connections with citizens. This was mentioned on the Government website.   

President Zelensky created the Resilient Democracy Plan, which he gave to the US President during a meeting in the United States. A plan for changes – called the Resilience Concept – is being used to create a roadmap for reforms. This will be a single document that considers feedback from partners. 

The main directions and activities of the Concept include: 

  1. Ensuring long-term democracy in Ukraine and eliminating corrupt and oligarchic control. 
  2. Developing competition, eliminating monopolies, and fairly distributing resources that belong to the Ukrainian people.
  3. Creating mechanisms for transparent interaction with the state. 

The reform plan will be included in the upcoming Ukrainian doctrine, which the President has already outlined.