Iryna Vereshchuk attended an event about short-term housing for IDPs

Опубліковано 9 October 2023 року, о 11:02

The event “The Right to Dignity in Temporary Accommodation: Current Challenges and the Future” was held in Kyiv. It focuses on the challenges of meeting the needs of people who have been displaced from their homes and are now living temporarily in a new location.


In particular, a roadmap was developed to improve living conditions. This includes monitoring the places of residence, approving a list of such places by region, and providing the necessary living conditions.


In addition, the attendees talked about suggestions to enhance the resolution “Challenges in the Operation of Transitional Housing for Displaced People” put forward by the Ministry of Reintegration.


“We have started talking. As the Government, we listen to what the regions need, and the regions work together in an organized and understandable way. Winter is approaching, so it’s crucial to have high-level coordination to fulfill all the needs of our people. I’m confident that we’ll successfully manage,” emphasized Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk.