The government initiated the Levko Lukyanenko scholarship for Oleg Halaziuk, a prisoner of the occupying forces

Опубліковано 16 October 2023 року, о 17:23

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a draft presidential decree on awarding a one-year state scholarship named after Levko Lukyanenko to philosophy and political science teacher and civic activist Oleh Halasiuk. The Ministry of Reintegration developed the relevant document.

Because of his pro-Ukrainian civil position, Oleg Galazyuk was illegally detained by the occupying administration of the russian federation. Following the agreements reached, he was released in December 2019.

We remind you that the state scholarship named after Levko Lukyanenko is granted by Presidential Decree to citizens of Ukraine illegally detained by the russian federation or the occupation administration of the russian federation in connection with their public or political activities.

The scholarship pays three minimum subsistence amounts per month to capable individuals.

The Levko Lukyanenko State Scholarship Review Committee of the Ministry of Reintegration supported the awarding of this scholarship to Oleh Galazyuk.