How to support a child in a stressful situation

Опубліковано 18 October 2023 року, о 12:20

When a child feels stressed, they require their parents’ support the most. The “How are you?” mental health program by First Lady Olena Zelenska in Ukraine has provided valuable insights on how to tackle such situations.


Daily routine


Simple, everyday routines can help your child feel calm and confident. For instance, try waking up at the same time every morning, having family conversations after dinner, doing homework together, and so on.


New daily habits


If you moved or lost chances to do the things that were familiar to you and your child, create new rituals. It is possible to engage in activities such as reading aloud, hugging in the evening, playing games together, and singing.

Discussing disturbing events


After any disturbing events, have small family conversations. Let’s start the conversation by acknowledging that the danger has passed, and you are safe now. It’s important to express that we both felt scared, but we made it through.


This method shows kids that they share the same emotions as grown-ups and aren’t alone.


Emotional connection


Hug your child frequently and express your love and emotions to them.  In addition, you can suggest an exercise where a toy is taken, and the child is asked to comfort it when it appears upset.  Look at what the child is doing – this is what they need from you.


Consultation with a psychologist


If your child seems consistently sad or angry, withdraws from activities and peers, loses their appetite, or has trouble sleeping, it’s important to consult a specialist.