Simple habits to help replenish mental resources

Опубліковано 22 October 2023 року, о 17:59

The habits were added as part of the “How Are You?” All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program launched by First Lady Olena Zelenska.

– Get a good and healthy sleep. Before you go to bed, remember to air out the room.
– Avoid reading the news in the morning or before bedtime.
– Cut out harmful content and simplify your media consumption.
– Avoid using fast food or sweets to deal with stress. Don’t overeat.
– Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can intensify feelings of sadness and may disrupt sleep.
– Make time to exercise regularly. It has a positive impact on your muscles and can also improve mental clarity.
– Take more walks.
– Take relaxing warm baths.
– Find a new creative hobby for yourself. Drawing, music, dancing – ask your inner child what he or she is missing.
– Create a plan of activities for one week and one month that aligns with your values and preferences.
– Talk openly with your loved ones about your feelings to prevent negativity from accumulating inside.