More than 173 thousand people from Ukraine landed new jobs starting in 2023

Опубліковано 23 October 2023 року, о 11:33

There is a significant need for individuals working in blue-collar jobs and trades. The State Employment Service reports.

About 25,000 individuals learned new skills, while 14,500 received education vouchers. The most popular jobs for switching careers are: salesperson, cook, seamstress, administrator, accountant, cashier, hair stylist, driver, electric and gas welder, and tractor operator.

As a reminder, the Ministry of Reintegration just started a campaign “Jobs for IDPs: We Need You!”. The aim is to assist people who have been displaced internally in obtaining a job and assimilating into their new neighborhoods.

You can see available job listings on the unified Job Portal, where more than 200,000 listings are posted daily.