If someone is in a captivity. Where do you need to contact?

Опубліковано 25 October 2023 року, о 9:03

Report any cases of enemy capture of individuals only to the competent state authorities, as reminded by the National Information Bureau (NIB) under the Ministry of Reintegration.

Gathering all possible details of the individual’s apprehension is crucial. Including accounts from those who knew her, whether fellow soldiers, witnesses, relatives, or social media.

Record the data immediately to report to hotlines:

– NIB can be contacted 24/7 by calling the hotline at 16-48 (+38 (044) 287-81-65 for international calls), or through Telegram and Viber chatbots. You may also email [email protected], use the messenger on the Facebook page, or fill out an online form on the Bureau’s website for assistance.

– Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War. Consultation by number: 0 800 300 529.

– The center works with the Security Service of Ukraine to find and free prisoners of war and those unlawfully deprived of their freedom due to aggression against Ukraine. Call (044) 321-11-21 or (098) 321-11-21 for help.

You must also apply to the National Police.

If you cannot confirm a person’s whereabouts, but they stop communicating, contact the National Information Bureau. They will record and handle the information appropriately.