Mortgage at 3%: 130 more IDP families receive preferential housing loans

Опубліковано 26 October 2023 року, о 18:33

On October 26, the fifteenth selection of candidates for a loan under the “Housing for Internally Displaced Persons” program, was held. The Ministry of Reintegration and the State Agency for Youth and Sports are implementing this project with the financial support of the German government, which provided a grant through the German development bank KfW.

As a result, 130 additional IDP families were identified and allowed to purchase housing on credit at the lowest interest rate in Ukraine of 3% per annum. Loans are granted for up to 30 years. The down payment is 6% of the value of the home.

The winners were randomly selected during a broadcast on the Foundation’s YouTube channel using the software. Their list is available here.
You can register for the program through the Diia portal or at the regional offices of the State Youth Housing Agency. You can find detailed information about the conditions here.

Do you have any questions? Call the State Agency for Youth and Housing’s citizens’ complaints line: (044) 363-10-80. You can also contact the Ministry of Reintegration on the 24-hour hotline: 15-48 or the hotline of the Commissioner for Internally Displaced Persons: (066) 813-62-39.