Free medical care for pregnant IDP women

Опубліковано 28 October 2023 року, о 18:00

Under the “Outpatient Pregnancy Management” package, pregnant IDP women can choose any hospital that provides medical care. They are entitled to free medical assistance as stated on the platform “Diia.Barrier-free.” 

To locate the closest hospital with a maternity ward or maternity hospital, contact the Contact Center of the National Health Service of Ukraine at 16-77. Also, after that, you need to directly contact the medical facility to confirm the schedule and set up an appointment.

A hospital cannot deny services to a pregnant woman due to her prior address of residence.

If able, a woman in labor should bring an ID, insurance card, and necessary items for herself and the baby while staying in the hospital.

The free service package ensures you receive all the necessary items: medicine, medical equipment, and healthcare from the midwife team on duty.

Pain relief during labor or other medical procedures, testing for serious heart problems in newborns, essential health checkups, routine immunizations for babies, and hospital meals for women giving birth are all free of charge.