Over 90,000 homeowners will get compensation for hosting IDPs in September

Опубліковано 2 November 2023 року, о 15:29

As part of the “Shelter” project, we will pay 105.5 million UAH to 90,811 homeowners who provided free shelter to IDPs in September this year.

The “Shelter” program gives around 450 UAH per month (14.77 UAH per day) to support one IDP for free housing. The Ukrainian Red Cross Society pays for this compensation.

This compensation may also be given to tenants of publicly owned or shared housing, as well as to homeowners or their representatives.

To join this program, sign up on the “Shelter” website and post an ad for short-term homes for people who were displaced.

We remind you that the government has assigned the Ministry of Reintegration to oversee the implementation of the Shelter project.

If you have any concerns regarding the Shelter program or compensation payments, please contact the Ministry of Reintegration’s 24-hour hotline at 15-48 or the hotline of the Commissioner for IDPs at (066) 813-62-39.