Are IDPs from TOT eligible for IDP payments after returning to Ukraine through other countries?

Опубліковано 3 November 2023 року, о 16:11

The Ministry of Reintegration’s hotline receives complaints about cases of denial of payments to IDPs who have left the TOT and have been abroad for some time.

This means a monthly government housing subsidy of 3,000 UAH for people with disabilities and children, and 2,000 UAH for all other IDPs.

The law states that people who had to leave their homes due to conflict and now live in specific areas listed by the Ministry of Reintegration on December 22, 2022, under Order No. 309, can receive money. However, some conditions must be met:

– no date has been set for the end of hostilities (termination of the possibility of hostilities) or the temporary occupation of these territories;

– these persons have not been abroad for more than 30 consecutive days on the date of application for assistance.

The IDP Coordination Headquarters has made a preliminary CMU Resolution draft to assist those who were given asylum abroad but came back to Ukraine. This draft states that people who apply for IDP payments for the first time can get them 15 days after they come back.

“People are leaving areas that were under temporary occupation and returning from abroad. It’s unfair to deny them IDP payments when their homes may still be occupied or even destroyed. We must support them,” stated Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk.