“My job is to help Ukrainians,” Tatiana Chernikova, Donetsk

Опубліковано 12 November 2023 року, о 9:28

Tetiana started her own business in 2018. She moved from Donetsk to Kharkiv and built a greenhouse where she grew herbs. She sold her products through retail stores. 

She planned to set up a shop that processes goods and expands the range of her products. However, after the beginning of the full-scale invasion, due to the danger, she moved the equipment to a rented room in the village of Orzhytsia, Poltava region.

The locals, displaced persons, and the military have shown a high demand for its merchandise. Tetiana decided to create meals in retort packs for defenders and people in areas of conflict. This way, the food would be ready to eat and easy to distribute. After all, people living in these areas often lack basic utilities such as electricity, water, gas, and the ability to cook their food.

This package is convenient as it can endure extreme temperatures. Food can be kept in it for an extended period without refrigeration.

Volunteer groups that buy food for aid packages backed the concept.

The making of food for severe situations is now in progress. In the future, Tetiana Chernikova plans to broaden the variety of items and hire more staff.