How to protect your child from cyberbullying

Опубліковано 19 November 2023 року, о 18:06

On social media, peers can bully children. This type of aggression is known as cyberbullying. Here are some tips for parents on how to respond when this happens.

  1. If you discover that your kid is being cyberbullied, offer your support. Clarify that it’s not his or her fault and reassure him or her that you can handle it together.
  2. Make sure you save (screenshot) messages and pictures that contain offensive or intimidating messages. This information can serve as evidence of cyberbullying and be provided to law enforcement.
  3. Add the bully to your blacklist and block the pages/accounts/phone numbers from which the bullying is coming. Bullies often stop their behavior when they don’t elicit the reaction they desire.
  4. Check your child’s page’s privacy settings and eliminate any personal details.
  5. Hide the profile for a while. If your child has trouble talking to their friends, make a new profile with a different name and a fake photo.
  6. Find out if the child knows the aggressor in real life and what he or she knows about him or her.
  7. If the attacks continue after taking all necessary steps, contact the Cyber Police Department’s hotline at 0 800 505 170.