“VidnovyDIM”: assistance in rebuilding damaged houses

Опубліковано 19 November 2023 року, о 11:30

The “VidnovyDIM” Energy Efficiency Fund program has been implemented for almost a year. Its purpose is to fund repairs on homes that were damaged due to aggression by the russians against Ukraine.

The EU and the Government of Ukraine fund the program. It includes the whole area of Ukraine.

Apartment building co-owners associations established and operating by the Law of Ukraine “On Apartment Building Co-Owners’ Associations” dated November 29, 2001, No. 2866-III may participate.

In particular, funding under the program will be provided only for costs associated with the implementation of such work:

– replacement or repair of damaged translucent enclosing structures (window units and/or balcony door units, exterior doors);

– repair of damaged building facades;

– repair of damage to the building’s coating;

– repair of damaged equipment of roof boilers and utility networks.

The money received can be used to complete the necessary construction and to buy any required materials and equipment.

Read more about the terms of the program here.