Medical care that displaced persons can get for free from a primary care doctor

Опубліковано 26 November 2023 року, о 15:30

During martial law, IDPs are permitted to receive basic medical treatment from any hospital that can provide the necessary care. The “Diia.Barrier-free.” website reminds us of this.

Thus, IDPs can receive free medical care from a primary care doctor:

– dynamic health monitoring

– diagnosis and treatment of diseases;

– Basic tests and analyses include a complete blood count with leukocyte count, urinalysis, blood glucose, cholesterol test, pregnancy tests, HIV test, viral hepatitis test, COVID-19 test, and troponin test.

– referrals for specialized doctors or tests;

– palliative care;

– paper or electronic prescriptions for cardiovascular disease, asthma, and diabetes under the Affordable Medicine Program, as well as insulin (if it is a repeat prescription);

– vaccinations following the vaccination schedule.

It’s not required to have a signed declaration.

You can obtain the address of the nearest hospital by calling 16-77, and the NHSU contact center operator will assist you.