What should you do if the occupants move into your home?

Опубліковано 26 November 2023 року, о 11:31

In these cases, victims have the right to notify law enforcement of the fact of the seizure, regardless of when it happened.

The ZMINA Human Rights Center explained how to handle the illegal occupation of Ukrainians’ homes.

The victim should notify the National Police or Security Service of Ukraine about the crime. The application should have your personal information and, if possible, include the documents or information collected about the crime.  This could be the following information:

– Provide documents that prove you own the housing (digital and paper copies accepted).

– Submit a photo or details about the appearance of the apartment and belongings (e.g. size and color).

– Details of the incident (when and who were in the house, how many people are currently residing there, etc.)

– If the applicant saw the illegal occupation, they should provide information about the trespassers (their physical characteristics, approximate age, clothing, names or aliases, and their cars).

– If possible, jot down and give law enforcement the contact information of those who observed the violation.

You can report a crime and file a complaint in the following ways:

– By contacting the National Police at 102 (24 hours a day) or the nearest police station, the address and contact details of which can be found on the map here.

– Contact the Security Service of Ukraine by phone: at (044) 256-99-91 or by e-mail: at [email protected].

Important! A crime can be reported by the victims themselves, their relatives, friends, acquaintances, and those who witnessed the incident.