Budget-2024: priorities remain unchanged

Опубліковано 28 November 2023 року, о 16:59

The government’s main focus is on security and defense. According to the government portal, the planned spending for these purposes is 1.69 trillion UAH.

Funding is given for weapons and bullets. The amount will be multiplied by 4.2 times compared to the previous year and will be 51 billion UAH. 43.3 billion UAH will be given to buy drones.

A total of 14.3 billion UAH will assist veterans. Most of this amount will be used to build houses for war veterans and their families. Meanwhile, 3.8 billion UAH is set to create an institute for veterans’ assistants.

30.9 billion UAH is provided for business support. The priorities include programs of preferential lending and non-refundable grants eRobota.

The total amount of social protection expenditures will amount to 469.4 billion UAH. This is an almost 9 billion UAH increase compared to this year’s figure. These are funds for payments to low-income families, IDPs, subsidies and benefits, and pension indexation.