Do not give unverified individuals access to personal information about prisoners or missing persons

Опубліковано 30 November 2023 року, о 18:00

The number of telegram channels and social media sites promising to find captured or missing soldiers is growing. To do this, relatives and friends are asked to provide personal data and other information.

Sharing personal information with unverified individuals can worsen the situation for your relative. Some of these “searches” are carried out by scammers or representatives of the aggressor country’s special services. Scammers, in particular, may attempt to extort funds from you.

Do not share personal information with people you do not know, such as:

  • your phone number;
  • address;
  • social media profile;
  • military details (full name, brigade number, military specialty, address of residence, etc.);
  • location;
  • photos, including photos with military colleagues.

Only specialists of state-authorized bodies are engaged in the search for your loved one free of charge.

You can contact the hotline for the Special Circumstances Missing Persons Commissioner directly at 0 800 103 333.