The government enhances the work of IDP Councils in local authorities

Опубліковано 1 December 2023 року, о 16:43

The Cabinet has just passed changes to Resolution No. 812 of August 4, 2023 “On Approval of the Model Regulation on the Council for Internally Displaced Persons”.

The purpose of these changes is to aid local communities in adapting to and integrating internally displaced persons.

The changes include:

– engage charitable organizations to develop the infrastructure and capabilities of local communities;

– clearly define the composition of IDP councils, taking into account the interests of internally displaced persons;

– expand the list of documents for candidates to submit to IDP Councils.

– clearly define the cases in which the powers of a member of the IDP Council will be terminated prematurely.

The Ministry of Reintegration developed the draft amendments to implement the State Policy Strategy on Internal Displacement for up to 2025.