Which categories of IDPs will have their payments automatically extended for another six months?

Опубліковано 1 December 2023 року, о 9:04

Starting December 1st of this year, categories of recipients will have their payments extended for an additional 6-month period without needing additional application. CMU Resolution No. 1226 of November 21, 2023, provides for this innovation.

This means a monthly allowance from the government for housing. Those with disabilities and children can receive up to 3,000 UAH, while all other IDPs can receive up to 2,000 UAH.

The family allowance will continue for an additional six months automatically if:

– the average monthly total income per recipient does not exceed 4 subsistence minimums for persons who have lost their ability to work;

– the family consists of working-age individuals who care for children under the age of 6, including 6, or children with serious illnesses. People who belong to disability groups I or II are also part of the family, as well as citizens who are raising three or more children below 18 years old, or those who are taking care of individuals with disabilities belonging to group I or minors with disabilities, or people with mental disorders that belong to disability groups I or II, or those who have reached the age of 80.

– individuals who provide social services and get paid for doing so; students who are enrolled full-time or simultaneously in general high schools, vocational, pre-university, and higher education institutions and who do not declare their place of residence in a dormitory.

– the family includes one employable person who, during the first 6 months of receiving IDP benefits, has contributed to their economic independence (found a job, started a business as an individual entrepreneur or received a business grant/education voucher, etc.) and whose average monthly income does not exceed 3 times the subsistence level for persons who have lost the ability to work.

These categories of IDPs, who will receive payments for the first time (from August 1, 2023), can receive assistance for an additional 6 months.