An online guide about human rights appears in Ukraine

Опубліковано 3 December 2023 року, о 13:29

The name of this guide is the Human Rights Guide. The Center for Civil Liberties and the Baltic Human Rights Society worked together to develop it. This information is available on the center’s website.

The guide online tells Ukrainians about their rights in an easy-to-understand way through practical everyday situations and examples.

In addition, the platform will be useful for those visitors whose professional activities involve human rights. In particular, for lawyers, judges, and human rights defenders. It can be used for formal and informal education purposes by professors, teachers, and students.

The guide offers phone numbers to call if your rights are violated. You can see it in English or Ukrainian by following this link.

Earlier, a free training course for IDPs was launched on the online education platform Prometheus. It has helpful information about social rights, medical care, employment, and education.