In November, the Ministry of Reintegration’s hotlines received over 24,000 requests

Опубліковано 6 December 2023 року, о 9:03

This includes calls and messages to the crisis hotline 15-48 and the hotline of the Commissioner for Internally Displaced Persons.

In particular, the crisis hotline operators handled more than 14 thousand calls in November. They also responded to more than 2,000 requests received via messengers during this time.

Over the last month, the Ministry of Reintegration’s call center received more than 8,000 calls to the Commissioner’s hotline for IDPs.

Most citizens asked about government aid payments for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Other common topics were financial support from international organizations, legal and humanitarian assistance, and compensation for homeowners who provided free housing to IDPs.

As a reminder, you can contact the emergency hotline by dialing the short number 15-48. You can also write to the WhatsApp/Telegram/Viber messenger at (096) 078-84-33.

You can contact the hotline of the Commissioner for Internally Displaced Persons at (066) 813-62-39.