A study called “Portrait of a Veteran” was presented

Опубліковано 8 December 2023 року, о 13:58

At a meeting on veterans’ policy, the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation presented the results of a special online survey of veterans and military personnel.

According to a survey, military personnel are uncertain about returning to their past jobs after demobilization. This is not surprising since war and participation in hostilities typically change people’s perspectives, priorities, and life plans.

It is important to tell society that veterans have different experiences and unique problems. Talking with veterans is vital to comprehend each other’s needs.

Psycho-emotional instability, difficulties in obtaining medical care, lack of inclusive spaces and adapted workplaces for people with disabilities, lack of understanding of society, problems with social benefits, and lack of employment are the main possible problems that veterans may face.

The participants of the meeting came to the common conclusion that it is necessary to respond to challenges and solve problems in close cooperation between the state and civil society. The transition from military service to civilian life requires an individual approach.

“Thanks to such surveys, the state sees the directions in which to support veterans and create opportunities for them,” emphasized Iryna Vereshchuk.