The Coordination Centre for the Departure of Citizens from the TOT continues its normative work

Опубліковано 9 December 2023 року, о 11:30

The Coordination Center is implementing a pilot project on the issuance of an ID card for return to Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has created a resolution to increase the authority of foreign diplomatic missions when issuing a certificate of return to Ukraine. The system allows, in particular, the remote identification of the applicant’s identity via video communication.

The Coordination Center is working to help citizens return to the country, even if they do not have their documents. We assist Ukrainians who have served their sentences in detention centers in the TOT and were deported to the russian federation to return to their homeland.

Representatives of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs and the Ministry of Justice discussed a draft of a joint order on the exchange of information on persons who served their sentences in TOT prisons and were deported to russia, aimed at improving communication between the two ministries regarding these individuals.