Report on calls to the Ministry of Reintegration hotline 15-48 for the past two weeks

Опубліковано 11 December 2023 року, о 14:15

From November 24 to December 7, the operators of the 24/7 crisis hotline, 15-48, received 10,650 calls.

The Coordination Center for IDPs received the report during their meeting.

During this period, the Ministry of Reintegration’s call center received a high volume of calls from citizens inquiring about state aid payments for IDPs. 44% of the calls were related to this topic. Financial assistance to IDPs is sometimes terminated, with 18% of applications affected. Certain categories of IDPs will stop receiving payments from February 1, 2024.

The most urgent issues include obtaining phone numbers for institutions, organizations, and volunteers (10%), receiving financial assistance from international organizations (4%), and compensating homeowners who have provided shelter to IDPs for free (3%).