International humanitarian law should make a clear distinction between civilians and military personnel

Опубліковано 12 December 2023 року, о 19:30

Russia is committing massive crimes against the civilian population of Ukraine in violation of the principles of international humanitarian law (IHL).

International humanitarian law is a branch of international law that applies during armed conflict, including to protect civilians.

IHL is based on the fundamental principle of distinguishing between civilian and military persons and between civilian and military objects.

Therefore, the warring parties are prohibited from:

– Attack civilians or civilian objects;

– Take hostages or use civilians as human shields;

– Engage in violence or looting;

– Use prohibited weapons, such as chemical or biological weapons, indiscriminate weapons, unguided anti-personnel mines, etc.

IHL calls on belligerents to treat both civilians and military personnel of the opposing side humanely, including prisoners of war.

The Ministry of Reintegration is responsible for implementing Ukraine’s state policy on compliance with International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

The Ministry monitors compliance with International Humanitarian Law (IHL) in frontline territories and temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.