The best psychosocial support tool is live meetings

Опубліковано 16 December 2023 року, о 9:05

Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk emphasized this at a weekly meeting on veterans’ policy.

During the meeting, Halyna Bordun, Head of the Coordination Center for Civilian Assistance at the Lviv Regional Military Administration, gave a presentation on “The System of Coordination through Psychosocial Services”.

The presentation emphasized the need to give people an understanding of how the system of mental health services works, how to get them, and where to go.

Meetings are essential for clear coordination and its improvement. In particular, with community leaders, social services, doctors, representatives of religious communities and international partners, educators, families of military personnel, etc.

At the same time, mental health training is provided for educators, social workers, and religious communities.

It will contain a variety of information. For example, what to know about stress, what first aid is, where to refer people, what help centers work, what the purpose of coordination is, what has changed in social services, etc.

The participants of the meeting summarized that to inform and communicate effectively, it is necessary to visit the communities more often and to communicate live with the people.