“I believe in my own business for the sake of our children and our future,” said Tatiana Ageeva from Mykolaiv

Опубліковано 17 December 2023 року, о 9:30

Tetiana Ageieva lived in Mykolaiv with her husband and newborn daughter when the full-scale invasion began. She sat in the basement under the explosions and decided that she could not risk staying with her child. She had to leave.

The couple came to Yaremche, leaving all their belongings behind. They had to start a new life there.

After recovering, they decided to start their own business without delay. This is how they began producing children’s textiles, recognizing that babies are born every day, even during times of war.

The entrepreneur named her business after her daughter. Today, she produces a wide variety of clothing and accessories for children.

“We have a video of a military father taking his daughter from the hospital wearing our patriotic kit. This is the biggest gratitude for me!” says Tetiana.