Communication between the state and veteran service organizations is the key to success in working with veterans

Опубліковано 18 December 2023 року, о 18:13

During a meeting on veterans’ policy, the International Organization for Migration presented a study on the obstacles that veterans face in social reintegration. 

The researchers analyzed the experiences of veterans and their families. They also studied the experience of veterans’ organizations. They studied the stages of adjustment and identified priority issues.

The survey format consisted of live conversations with participants. A total of 593 interviews were conducted with veterans, and 407 interviews were conducted with their family members. Additionally, we conducted 50 interviews with representatives of veterans’ organizations.

The experts concluded that the government needs to communicate effectively with the civil society sector of veterans.

During the initial stages of reintegration, it is crucial to prioritize the individual’s primary needs. Additionally, creating favorable conditions for their adaptation to society is necessary.

They need to know about their employment opportunities, and the psychological and social support available to them.

This will help individuals overcome difficulties more easily and facilitate a quicker return to peaceful life in their communities.