Diia will provide an interactive map with information on available shelters

Опубліковано 20 December 2023 року, о 14:07

The Government has adopted a resolution clarifying the requirements for constructing civil defense shelters and providing information to the public about their availability. The Government Portal reports.

Pedestrian accessibility standards, a clear accounting of shelters by the state, communities, and enterprises, and the accumulation of data on them in an information system integrated with other state registers are particularly important.

All information regarding the availability of shelters will be accessible through Diia in the form of an interactive map. This will allow every Ukrainian to assess the condition of the shelter, file a complaint, or submit a proposal. A similar system is already in place for the ‘Points of Invincibility’.

The Government has allocated 1.5 billion UAH for constructing safe shelters in schools and kindergartens. According to the RMA, over 80% of educational institutions have suitable shelters. Another 2.5 billion UAH will be allocated next year to ensure safe conditions.