How do you communicate with a person who has recently survived a bombing?

Опубліковано 27 December 2023 року, о 9:10

These tips were prepared as part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program ” How Are You?” at the initiative of First Lady Olena Zelenska.

  • Approach the person calmly and greet them. Introduce yourself and offer your assistance.
  • Ensure that the individual can hear you. Evaluate their condition. If they are crying, shaking, or unresponsive to your words, it may signal severe stress.
  • To effectively communicate, pay attention not only to your words but also to your facial expressions, gaze, and gestures.
  • Keep eye contact.
  • Speak softly and calmly, avoiding speaking too loudly.
  • If the person contacts you, provide them with orientation. Offer them water, food, or a blanket to keep them warm.
  • Listen to them and suggest that they see a doctor.
  • If someone declines assistance and prefers solitude, allow them some time.