The Coordination Center in Volyn assisted in rehabilitating 1600 children from the frontline areas

Опубліковано 27 December 2023 року, о 11:30

The Volyn Regional Military Administration’s Coordination Center for Civilian Support has been operational since June 2023.

The Center provides humanitarian, social, legal, medical, and psychological assistance to almost 48,000 IDPs. The assistance includes coordination and delivery of services.

The Coordination Center works with representatives from various international charitable foundations, including the Volyn branch of the ‘Rokada’ Charitable Foundation, the ‘Swedish Aid Center’, and ‘Stabilization Support Services’.

The region frequently hosts events to aid and support internally displaced persons (IDPs). These events include meetings, roundtables, conferences, workshops, job fairs, photo exhibitions, and excursions.

In 2023, philanthropists, with the assistance of the Coordination Center, improved the health of 1600 children from the frontline territories. The work focused on the psychological rehabilitation of children who had suffered trauma from the russian invasion and occupation.

Where can IDPs and other victims of the armed aggression of the russian federation seek help:

Contact the Coordination Center for Civilian Support at (066) 657-09-15 or the hotlines of the regional employment service for employment of IDPs at (066) 353-74-95, (068) 063-42-15, or (044) 244-94-69.