The Coordination Headquarters held a regular meeting to discuss the departure of Ukrainian citizens from the TOT

Опубліковано 27 December 2023 року, о 16:48

They discussed the development status of some draft legal documents.

The State Migration Service reported submitting a draft resolution to the Government for a pilot project. The project aims to issue temporary certificates to Ukrainian citizens residing in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

State officials provided an update on the progress of creating a joint order for individuals who served prison sentences in TOT and were subsequently deported to russian federation.

The staff discussed the proper treatment of individuals who have completed their sentences on the TOT and are returning to government-controlled territory. The Vice Prime Minister emphasized the importance of respecting human rights in this context.

“Any form of discrimination is unacceptable, and public authorities should prioritize the observance of human rights,” stated Iryna Vereshchuk.

After the headquarters meeting, the Vice Prime Minister issued protocol instructions to the authorized bodies.