How to react if you find yourself under the rubble of a building

Опубліковано 2 January 2024 року, о 11:55

The State Emergency Service of Ukraine experts have guided how to behave in emergencies. Follow these recommendations:

  1. Do not panic. The emergency services will be promptly notified of the situation. The rescuers will arrive on the scene within minutes and begin the rescue operation.
  2. Signal and shout frequently to alert rescuers while they take breaks to listen for people amidst the rubble.
  3. Do not use matches or lighters for signaling.
  4. If you are seen or heard, remember that rescuers require time to clear the rubble. Follow their instructions clearly and avoid losing your temper.

If the rescuers have not yet heard you, follow these steps:

  1. Carefully assess the surrounding situation. Be thorough in your evaluation.
  2. Try to free your arms and legs carefully. Do not remove the surrounding debris, as it may cause an unstable structure to collapse again.
  3. If a piece of debris pinches a part of your body, and you cannot free it, begin massaging above the pinched area. This will improve blood circulation and potentially save the limb.
  4. Calculate your strength and capabilities. If you cannot free yourself from the rubble, keep calling for help and wait for rescuers.