Providing fuel wood to communities in the Kharkiv region

Опубліковано 5 January 2024 року, о 14:07

Local budgets and international organizations provide the necessary fuel for the Kharkiv region. Vice Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk chaired a meeting to discuss this issue.

Phase I

The Kharkiv Regional State Administration has identified 21 priority communities that require fuel wood as a matter of priority. These communities have a total of 18,287 households in need of assistance.

By the beginning of January, 7868 households in priority communities of the first stage had received fuel wood or funds to purchase it. This represents 43% of the total need.

Phase II

The total need for fuel wood in the six priority communities of Phase II is 2375 households.

26% of the need has been met by providing fuel or money to 616 households in the communities of the second stage.

49% of the total need for fuel has been provided to 13,854 households in Kharkiv Oblast.

The provision of fuel wood to the affected population of Kharkiv region is currently underway.