“I want every child to feel special,” said Olga Prokhorova from Mariupol

Опубліковано 7 January 2024 року, о 9:29

Olga Prokhorova lived in Mariupol and worked as a primary school teacher. She later decided to open a children’s development space called ‘SvitloGray’.

After the outbreak of full-scale war, the space continued to operate for a while. However, due to the city’s deteriorating situation, she evacuated to Kamianske in the Dnipro region.

To save time, she reopened the children’s space. She discovered a grant to assist IDPs in restoring and relocating their lost businesses. After collecting the necessary documents, the SvitloGray project was soon running in Kamianske.

Olha plans to rent a larger space to organize a kindergarten, speed-reading classes, and after-school programs.