Already 10 Ukrainian families have exchanged eRecovery certificates for housing

Опубліковано 13 January 2024 року, о 16:00

The Ministry of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure reported that these families have received compensation for their destroyed homes from the russians. They have already purchased real estate under the government’s eRecovery program.

Families from Kyiv and Donetsk regions have chosen both apartments and houses.

The number of applications submitted and processed is constantly increasing. Additionally, new sale and purchase agreements are being concluded.

Currently, 677 notaries are available to assist affected families in concluding transactions using housing certificates. Information on these is available at this link.

To get a housing certificate, apply to a destroyed property through Diia or the Administrative Services Center. Then wait for the local government commission to record this fact. Finally, your application will display the housing certificate with the relevant information.