How do you know if you’re emotionally exhausted and what to do?

Опубліковано 22 January 2024 року, о 17:03

When you feel mentally exhausted, it’s time to take care of yourself.

Experts from the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program ‘How are you?’, initiated by First Lady Olena Zelenska, have identified the main signs that indicate poor mental health:

– you get irritated by trifles;

– you find it difficult to concentrate, you are inattentive;

– you are nervous for no apparent reason;

– you are constantly tired, but sleep poorly at night;

– you avoid noisy companies and just want to be alone.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, try changing your activities, habits, sleep patterns, diet, and leisure time. If you are unable to manage stress on your own, it is best to seek professional help.