Today is the Day of Unity of Ukraine

Опубліковано 22 January 2024 року, о 9:10

This day is known as the root of Ukrainian unity. We traditionally commemorate the events that occurred on January 22, 1919, at St. Sophia Square.

The Act of Unification of the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic was signed. This significant historical event fulfilled the unification aspirations of Ukrainians in both parts of Ukraine –  Naddniprians and  Naddnistrians.

The Unification Act united all the lands inhabited by the Ukrainian nation into one state. It demonstrated the spiritual consolidation of the people, regardless of nationality. It ultimately became the foundation for building a democratic state and a guarantee of the nation’s survival and existence.

Today, during a full-scale war with russia, our basic national value remains the idea of unity. Our unity is our weapon!