The Government has enhanced the methods for executing the program of discounted home loans for IDPs

Опубліковано 26 January 2024 року, о 16:13

The Ministry of Reintegration’s proposed amendments to CMU Resolution No. 451 of April 28, 2021, were supported by the Cabinet of Ministers.

The German state development bank KfW will provide preferential mortgage lending to internally displaced persons, according to the procedure outlined in this resolution.

The innovations will improve the efficiency of the ‘Housing for Internally Displaced Persons’ project. The Ministry of Reintegration and the State Agency for Youth and Sports are implementing the project with financial support from the German Government, which provided a grant through the German financial institution KfW.

The draft act provides for:

– The CMU Resolution includes provisions to increase funding for the Project and extend its implementation period.

– A grace period is established for borrowers whose homes were damaged/destroyed as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.

This initiative enables us to keep offering low-cost loans and will aid in addressing the housing problems of internally displaced individuals.