Furniture business of the Lykov family from Donetsk

Опубліковано 28 January 2024 року, о 13:56

Olga Lykova was a successful civil engineer in Donetsk. Her husband owned a business there. In 2014, the city was temporarily occupied, so the family decided to move to Kyiv.

The war caught up with them again in the capital. However, they chose to stay and utilize their experience and expertise to contribute to the state. Consequently, they established a thriving business of their own.

The couple creates furniture for shelters using recycled materials. Their company has already furnished dozens of shelters in Ukraine with chairs, tables, and transformer benches made from recycled plastic.

Various manufacturers in the Kyiv region supply the raw materials for furniture. Sometimes people send plastic.

The family takes care of both the safety of Ukrainians and the preservation of nature. To achieve this, they collaborate with an environmental chemist to develop prototypes of their future products. Additionally, the entrepreneurs are pleased to employ IDPs.