January 29 – Kruty Heroes Memorial Day

Опубліковано 29 January 2024 року, о 15:35

Today, Ukraine honors the memory of the heroes of Kruty, who were able to stop the russian-bolshevik army 106 years ago.

The date of Kruty reminds us of the long struggle for Ukraine’s future. In Kruty, the fate of the young Ukrainian state was decided. Several hundred brave young men and women chose to oppose russian military aggression.

The individuals who joined the cause came from diverse backgrounds, including peasants, workers, priests, military personnel, students, and gymnasium students. While some had prior military training, others had taken up arms for the first time. However, they all shared a common understanding: Ukraine required their assistance.

Today, we remember the Heroes of Kruty for the second time amidst a full-scale war.  Their heroism, like that of the heroes of all liberation struggles, has become an example for today’s defenders of Ukraine.

If we unite, we will win!