The Government has increased aid to internally displaced persons

Опубліковано 30 January 2024 року, о 18:29

The resolution was passed so that families at risk of poverty could more actively use assistance for the poor. The Government portal reports.

The amendments apply to internally displaced persons and Ukrainian asylum seekers who will return from abroad have yet to find employment in Ukraine, and do not have their sources of income.

The assistance will be granted for six months:  

– Families who have returned to Ukraine after a stay abroad lasting more than 90 consecutive days, even if they have able-bodied non-working individuals who have not paid the unified social tax (UST).

– for IDP families who, as a result of their displacement, did not work or pay the unified social tax.

Low-income assistance is combined with employment incentives to assist citizens in achieving economic independence and self-sufficiency.

Families of IDPs or citizens returning to Ukraine with unemployed able-bodied persons must find a job or register with the State Employment Center within two months of receiving the allowance.