Ukrainians now trust psychologists and psychiatrists more

Опубліковано 5 February 2024 року, о 18:01

The results of the second wave of the study ‘Mental Health and Attitudes of Ukrainians Toward Psychological Assistance during the War’ demonstrate this. Gradus Research conducted the study as part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program ‘How Are You?’, initiated by First Lady Olena Zelenska.

The survey was conducted in two waves, the first in September 2022 and the second in October 2023. Each wave had 2,000 respondents.

In 2022, 26% of respondents trusted psychologists and psychotherapists, while in 2023, the number increased to 28%. Trust in psychiatrists also increased from 13% to 18%. Additionally, Ukrainians are more likely to seek help from specialists through free hotlines.

Furthermore, it was discovered that the number of psychological service providers in the respondent’s area of residence has risen from 50% to 58%.

Respondents identified the primary barriers that prevent Ukrainians from seeking psychological assistance:

– 29% of people have confidence in their ability to handle problems on their own;

– 29% of people believe that their problems are not significant enough to be addressed, which is a common misconception.

The survey showed progress in the use of positive coping strategies. Respondents are more likely to engage in activities such as watching movies and TV shows, listening to music, pursuing hobbies, and spending time with loved ones, compared to 2022.

To learn more about the study results, please click the link.