The Ministry of Reintegration is creating ways to compensate charitable and public organizations for offering free housing to IDPs

Опубліковано 19 February 2024 року, о 18:08

Representatives of the Charitable Fund Hansen Ukrainian mission raised the issue during a council meeting on IDPs at the Kyiv Regional Military Administration.

According to the approved Procedure by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 261 of March 11, 2022, IDPs are compensated for the utilities they consume during their accommodation:

– The municipal enterprises, institutions, and establishments of the territorial community, as well as the state educational institutions specified in Article 89 of the Budget Code of Ukraine, are governed by village, town, and city councils;

– To district state administrations for enterprises, institutions, and facilities operating based on joint communal ownership of territorial communities of the district and managed by district councils;

– Enterprises, institutions, and organizations of joint communal ownership of territorial communities of the region, administered by regional councils.

– Individual entrepreneurs, private companies, institutions, and organizations located in the respective regions (except for private educational institutions).

Non-profit civic associations and charitable organizations are involved in accommodating IDPs. However, the Procedure does not provide compensation to them.

The Ministry of Reintegration is currently working on amending the Procedure for receiving compensation for utilities consumed during the accommodation of IDPs. This includes expanding the categories of institutions eligible for compensation.

NGOs and charitable foundations with non-profit status, who equip places of free temporary residence for IDPs, will be allowed to receive compensation.